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AAUW's Outlook

Best Wishes for the Millenium

"That as girls we stop whispering behind each other's backs and team up to reshape our own worlds--because without back-stabbing, isolating, and gossiping about each other, girls can form a strong, loud catalyst for change.

That adults take girls seriously and prove it by listening to one girl, getting to know another, sharing their knowledge with a third, and learning from all of us--because we're more than just a market for lip gloss, diet soda, and primetime dramas.

That we live in a time when we don't need self-defense classes or 'my body is mine' stickers."

--Ariel Fox, founder of Sticker Sisters

Jump Magazine

"My middle school experience was horrible, with all of the typical backstabbing and gossiping. I wished I had someone older around, telling me not to listen, and I wanted to help girls going through the same thing. I was reading a lot of zines at the time and thought about starting one, when I came across a group of girls who were selling stickers and t-shirts with girl-power slogans. I thought it was a great idea, but when I ordered them, they never came. So I decided to make my own."

Moxie Magazine

"I think the biggest thing I've learned is that you can do anything you want. If you're determined enough you'll find a way. A lot of people think that in starting a business or a project you'll need a detailed plan, bank loans etc, but I don't come from that school of thought. I think you should use the resources you have and get started. You can do anything."

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Young Feminists on Expo 2000

"I always think of three different parts of feminism. There's the part within yourself -- getting prepared for feminism and believing that you, or women, are worthy of equality and worthy of a better world. Another part is to get others to believe that we should make things equal and make things better, and the third part is taking action, and going out and creating change and improving the situation."

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