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Be active

by Ari
at TBIO Conference in LA

I always wonder if women see that her spirit have action.

by Genevieve
at TBIO Conference in LA

Support life and beautiful feminism.

by Maggie & Ellen
at TBIO Conference in LA

I am a damsel daughter and sister
A strong whisper
Want no empty talented girls

by Haley
at TBIO Conference in LA

They want empty sex stars
and damsels with naked breasts.
We must give beautiful revolution
and dazzling wild woman spirit.

by Michelle O'Connor
Denton, TX

Mighty queen,
can you change the world
with your angry song
or will you scream compassion
and investigate grace?

by Michelle O'Connor
Denton, TX

I could never trust his whisper
he uses girls for sex,
knows no dream or joy in my world
See why a free spirit will scar so badly?

by Treya Sayad
Logan, Utah

Those who are first will be broken.
Stay right here because I haven't spoken.

The scars he left on me show no compassion.
But doll, you could not imagine.

by Courtnie Combest
Thousand Oaks, California

naked damsel come be sassy laugh always hear grace feel compassion the world is tough

by Sylvia Keyser
Jamestown NY

imagine an angry goddess
full of creative passion
free my mighty wonder
dream and scream

by Sarah Thompson
Salt Lake City UT